Hospice for the Homeless Hospice for the Homeless

~ A Dying with Dignity and Living with Dignity Program

Each year as many as 100 homeless men and women die on the streets of San Diego. In 2007, Alpha Project launched Hospice for the Homeless to provide assistance to homeless veterans, homeless and indigent people diagnosed with chronic and terminal illnesses. This program caters to those that have been told by a physician that they have 6 months or less to live. As funding allows, Alpha Project provides rental assistance, support services and case management, while local hospice providers provide medical care, medications and hospice specific services.

For some, housing and stabilization allows for extended life, so Alpha Project started the Living with Dignity component of the Hospice for Homeless Program. This allows for those at-risk of a terminal diagnosis, and those that are fortunate enough to come off of hospice care, to receive support as funding allows.

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Featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune...

The San Diego Union-Tribune : Partnership gives hospice care to homeless

Partnership gives hospice care to homeless

By Peggy Peattie

SAN DIEGO — Julius Ward never saw it coming. Sitting against a building at night in the Gaslamp District, asking for spare change, he didn't expect one of the bar-hopping passersby to kick him in the eye, sending him sprawling across the pavement in a pool of blood. Nor did he expect the nearby policeman to give chase, catch the perpetrator and coordinate getting Julius to the hospital.


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